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China Metallic Crepe Paper manufacturers - astao59 - 2019-08-12

Aluminium crepe paper, abbr. Alu crepe paper. It’s creped aluminium laminated paper. It is also called metallic crepe paper, it is different from “metallic color crepe paper”, it is real metallic, made of aluminium laminated paper, then printed in different colors, total 6 colors available. Normally raw paper grammage is 60gsm, with 25% - 30% stretch, used for school craft handwork, or gift packaging. Standard size 50cm X 200cm, 50cm X 250cm, 21” X 131” or other customized sizes.
Professional handmade process ensures every piece nice looking and packaging. China’s top crepe paper factory can ensure the quality and prompt delivery. Payment by L/C and T/T accepted or other terms to be discussed.China Metallic Crepe Paper manufacturers