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  Transformer Online DGA factory
Napisane przez: yqqe233 - Wczoraj, 07:05:43 - Forum: Dekoracje ścienne - Brak odpowiedzi

Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Analysis and Moisture Monitor
Model: PASL-3000
HAOMAI innovatively combined semiconductor laser technology and photo-acoustic spectroscopy together and applied it to smart grid field.
The Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Analysis and Moisture Monitor PASL-3000 developed by HAOMAI is capable to measure Hydrogen(H2), Carbon Monoxide(CO), Carbon Dioxide(CO2), Methane(CH4), Acetylene(C2H2), Ethane(C2H6), Ethylene(C2H4), moisture(H2O) etc. 8 types dissolved gases in transformer oil, which wins good reputation from numerous customers by convenient operation, easy maintenance and high measuring accuracy.
Main Features
●Advanced technology. Semiconductor laser technology and photo-acoustic spectroscopy are innovatively used for measuring dissolved gas in transformer oil. PASL-3000 has strong anti-cross interference ability, fast measuring response, high measuring accuracy, good repeatability etc.
●All-components dissolved gas measurement and analysis. Adopt photo-acoustic spectroscopy to measure gas component contents of Hydrogen(H2), Carbon Monoxide(CO), Carbon Dioxide(CO2), Methane(CH4), Acetylene(C2H2), Ethane(C2H6), Ethylene(C2H4), moisture(H2O) etc. 8 types gases, also can be extended to measure component contents of Nitrogen(N2) and Oxygen(O2).
●No consumables and no maintenance. There is no need for personnel to operate the equipment. No carrier gas or recalibration is required during operation. The constant maintenance is not needed.
●Reliable degassing. The monitor has a built-in constant temperature vacuum degassing device, which can degassing efficiently and quickly, and no pollution to oil samples.
●Multi-tank measurement. One monitor can measure up to three transformer tanks, and the longest pipe between transformer valve and equipment is 30m. The measurement is performed separately through the oil channel switch.
●Easy installation. Installation can be completed without power failure to reduce the economic loss of customers.
●Remote terminal display. The monitor supports MODBUS and IEC61850 protocol, which can provide remote terminal display, including equipment operation status, real-time measurement data, data column analysis graph, trend graph, report and warning prompt.
●Multiple data communication, remote centralized management. Advanced remote centralized management software can summarize and monitor the running status and test data of multiple monitors, and provide perfect trend analysis and diagnosis results. It supports RS485, Ethernet, GPRS, Optical Fiber etc. communication modes.
Technical Data
Power Supply220V, 2KW
Fault Gas TypeMinimum measuring limitMaximum measuring limit
Humidity10∼95% RH non-condensingH22 ppm5,000 ppm
Temperatureenvironment temperature: -40℃∼55℃(-10℃∼55℃ when starting)CO220 ppm20,000 ppm
oil temperature:: 10℃∼100℃CO20 ppm10,000 ppm
EnclosureIP55CH40.5 ppm2,000 ppm
Dimension850(W)x800(D)x1700(H)mmC2H20.2 ppm2,000 ppm
Weight<350kgC2H40.5 ppm2,000 ppm
Measuring AccuracyMinimum measuring limit or ±30% (whichever is greater)C2H60.5 ppm2,000 ppm
H2O0∼100%(RS) or given in ppm
Semiconductor Laser Technology and Photo-acoustic Spectroscopy are innovatively used for Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Analysis and Moisture Monitor PASL-3000.Transformer Online DGA factory

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  Aluminum Milled Parts
Napisane przez: dfhk1233 - Wczoraj, 01:40:46 - Forum: Podlogi - Brak odpowiedzi

Welcome to Gensun Precision Machining Co., Limited !
Gensun Precision Machining is an ISO-certified company specialized in supplying precision machined parts and assemblies. Since 1998, the company provides CNC machining and custom manufacturing services for a wide spectrum of industries like: Aerospace, medical devices, electronics, telecommunications, industrial sensors, and consumer products, etc.
As a China precision machining parts manufacturer and supplier, Gensun Precision Machining offer: CNC turning/turned parts, CNC milling/milled parts; drilling, tapping, honing, grinding, EDM, stamping , bending, precision casting services.
The company operations are modern and the production methods reflect the excellence of skilled machinist craftsmen who take pride in quality work. We are known for delivering quality machined components and services on time and at competitive prices through lean manufacturing and state-of-the-art machining systems. Gensun acts as an extension of the customers’ facilities, filling in the gaps in manufacturing services.
Operation Range
We offer a wide range of manufacturing capabilities that include: CNC Turning; CNC Milling; Wire Cutting; Grinding; EDM; Stamping and Bending; Precision Casting.
Gensun has the experience and knowledge in machining a wide variety of materials including: Aluminum Alloys; Copper; Brass and Bronze Alloys; Stainless, Carbon and Tool Steels; Plastics; Specialty Alloy(i.e. Titanium, Kovar, Inconel, MoCu, WCu).
1998 Founded in ShangLiLang industrial park and TaiHua Building in Shenzhen,China;
2004 ISO9001:2000 accreditation;
2006 Registered in Hong Kong;
2010 ISO9001:2008 accreditation;
2011 Moved some equipments to DongGuan, established our branch plant;
2016 ISO9001:2015 accreditation.Aluminum Milled Parts

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  buy tube type Heat Exchanger
Napisane przez: dfhk1233 - Wczoraj, 01:39:14 - Forum: Podlogi - Brak odpowiedzi

Wuxi Lanxing Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: LanXing) is a special equipment producer focuses on R&D, manufacture and sales primarily for pressure vessels, heat exchangers and chemical equipment. She was established in 2002, located in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, China.
As a leading producer in special equipment industry in China, LanXing was succeed in obtaining third class pressure vessel design and manufacture certificate (A1A2 design, A1A2 manufacture) granted by General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of China(abbreviation: AQSIQ), ASME certificate (NB, U stamp) & ISO9001-2008 quality system certification.
In the past few years, more and more Fortune 500 and famous companies selected LanXing as their strategic supplier, such as Sinopec, CNPC, CNOOC, Atlas, FS-ELLIOTT, Qinshan Nuclear Power, Praxair, Linde Gas, CRRC, Hitachi and Epsilon...etc. As the owner of dozens of pressure vessels and heat exchangers intellectual properties, LanXing has become a proven and innovative leader with robust expertise and experience in the field of high efficiency cooler today, since we were succeed in developing the first generation of fin type high efficiency heat exchanger in China.
Advanced production equipment, comprehensive quality assurance system and high efficiency after-sales service system are the robust foundation to ensure LanXing to deliver high quality products and excellent services to all customers throughout the world. We also devoted ourselves to build a high performance team. Nowadays, we have more than 80 senior technical and management staff who design and manufacture thousands of customized pressure vessel for our customers every year.   
Today, LanXing products are widely used in multi-industries like petrochemical equipment, general machinery, mining and energy, nuclear power an environmental protection, construction machinery, food and pharmaceuticals, textile fiber industry and so on. We are covering many countries all over the world including Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan…etc. as well.buy tube type Heat Exchanger

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  CE certification Zinc Plate Guardrail factory
Napisane przez: dfhk1233 - Wczoraj, 01:37:26 - Forum: Podlogi - Brak odpowiedzi

Qingdao Hitec Hardware Co. Ltd is a group company, head office and service center in Qingdao, have 3 factories produce forging, welding, stamping products with more than 25 years experience.
Our main products: towing accessories (T. R. J. Large J Hook, Link, Rings, Binder Chain), Lashing products (Thimble, Clip, Turnbuckle, S-505 Steel Sleeve), Mooring Products (Anchors, Anchor Chain, Chain), Fence, Cow Fence, Dog run, Gate, Steel prop, Metal plank, Screw parapet, Guard rail, Eye screw, Eye scaffolding ring, Connector, Screw Base.
We are the biggest supplier for towing accessories in China. Best quality for small Cow fence, wide range of screw parapet and guard rail. The supplier for Wal-Mart from 2003.
The company are ISO9001-2008 certified. Our forging and welding products have CE certificate.
Choose us, choose quality and service.CE certification Zinc Plate Guardrail factory

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  Odkamieniacz = zmiękczacz?
Napisane przez: Pawel457 - 2019-08-20, 12:34:54 - Forum: Kanalizacja - Brak odpowiedzi

przychodzę do Was z zapytaniem, które nurtuje mnie od dość dawna. Sporo już na ten temat czytałem w sieci, ale nie otrzymałem jednoznacznej odpowiedzi (nie wiem nawet czy da się jednoznacznie odpowiedzieć Tongue), ale spróbuję i tutaj pomęczyć temat. https://hydropath.pl/zmiekczacz-wody-czy...iacz-wody/ Tutaj mam sporo informacji odnośnie tego, jak działa zmiękczacz wody i dlaczego czasami warto w niego zainwestować.

Pytanie brzmi, czy zmiękczacz to także odkamieniacz?
Bo jakby nie było, to zmiękczacz poprzez zmiękczenie wody właśnie zapobiega powstawaniu kamienia, czy tego brzydkiego osadu. Czy można zatem uznać, że zmiękczacz wody jest także w jakiś sposób odkamieniaczem?

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  China Internal Corner Bead
Napisane przez: astao64 - 2019-08-20, 02:31:18 - Forum: Podlogi - Brak odpowiedzi

About Us
Sers Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd is a large thermal insulation auxiliary material enterprise. we are factory which located in Liaoning province. Our main products are: insulation nails, alkali-resistant mesh, angle, plastic wall plug, nylon anchor, etc..
In 2014,a new factory was built, covering an area of 1000sqm. The heat preservation nail production reached 500 million sets, the alkali-resistant mesh reaches 20 million square. The annual output value is 10 million USD.
We have 10 technicians, 2 senior engineers, 10 sales team. The Product performance is stable, export to Korea, Russia, Japan, the United States and other countries.
◆ Our Advantages
● Use Original material, not recycle material, strong, long life.
● Product meet with JG standard, not off-standard
Fast Delivery
● Custom Sample: 2-4 days
● DHL express: 3-2-5days
● Bulks ship by sea, 15-25days
● Bulks Production: 3-7days
Cost Effective
● We are factory, arrange production more effective.
● Our factory located in insulation material center in China.
● We continue investing to have high yield and technologies in production
Service and Support
● We work together with our customers to design products.
● Over 90% quotations and inquiries replied within 12 hours
● Offer available insulation system idea.

Exhibition of Building material Exhibition of Building material

Insulation nail assembly machine

alkali-resistant mesh machine
◆ Products show:

Heat insulation nails  
Plastic expand plug  
Insulation fiberglass mesh

Internal corner bead  
Internal corner bead

Internal corner bead  
Internal corner bead China Internal Corner Bead

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  custom Cling Film Food Wrap
Napisane przez: astao64 - 2019-08-20, 02:29:55 - Forum: Podlogi - Brak odpowiedzi

Our History
We have been in cling film field for 20 years and also have many other cooperated factories for other disposable daily necessities.
Our Factory
Wuxi Tianchi Paper and Plastic Products Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise integrated the R&D, production and sales of the paper and plastic products. Our company has a number of international advanced modern production equipment lines and our products, including PVC cling film, PE cling film, freshness protection packages and other disposable daily necessities, are widely used in all kinds of food packaging, industrial packaging, and other fields.
Due to the excellent quality of  “Shindy” series products and the excellent service, the brand was rated as Enterprise of  Honouring Contracts and Keeping Promise by the provincial and municipal relevant organizers for many times, and has successively passed certifications of ISO9001 Quality Management system, ISO14001 Environment Management System. With more than ten years of rich production experience and a good reputation, we won the general consent of customers both at home and abroad and high popularity and reputation in the industry.
Adhering to the business philosophy of “Quality First, Customer First”, the company constantly strives for improvement and expansion, actively expanding the market sales channel and developing new products so as to work together with customers to create a win-win situation and a better new life.
Our Product
Pvc cling film PE cling film
Product Application
Widely used in many fields Foods, Fruits, Vegetables, Fishes, Meat, Poultries and Food Factories, Grocery Shops, Packaging Mills etc
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Production Market
We have exported to Latin America, America, Middle east, South east, Africa.
Our service
Your inquiry will be replied within 24hours and online service is available all the time. Our professional and well-trained salesman are ready here to answer all your questions and handle the problems.
Delivery period is 5-20days after all details confirmed.
Payment terms:T/T L/C O/A Western Union, Paypal,Escrowm.etc
Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any other third party.
Our sales will follow up and help to do custom clearance. We will reply back ASAP.custom Cling Film Food Wrap

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  Rutile Tio2
Napisane przez: astao64 - 2019-08-20, 02:27:20 - Forum: Podlogi - Brak odpowiedzi

Powder Tio2 for PVC applications THR-129
Powder Tio2 THR-129 is a professional rutile TiO2 pigment designed to deliver high opacity on PVC profiles and PVC pipe productions.

Key Features of Powder Tio2
◆ Excellent weathering resistance
◆ Good dry flow ability
◆ High Opacity
◆ Outstanding resistance to high temperature & yellowing

Typical Properties
Crystal FormRutile Type
Manufacturing ProcessSulfate
Inorganic Surface TreatmentSiO2& Al2O3
Organic Surface TreatmentYes

Technical Index
Content Of Titanium Dioxide≥93%
Oil Absorption (g/100g)≤20
PH Value Of Aqueous Suspension6.5~8.5
Tinting Strength (Reynolds No.)≥1800
Content of Rutile≥98%
Oil Dispersion (Hegman)≥6.0
Residue On 45μm≤0.02%
Resistivity Ω·M≥80
Product index is subject to inspection

Packaging Conditions of Powder Tio2
THR-129 is available in 25-kg paper-plastic composite bag and 500-kg&1000-kg packing.

Product Storage
The shelf life of THR-129 TiO2 is two years as long as the product is kept in a dry condition and not in direct contact with water or moisture.

How can you guarantee the quality of each product?
Each bath product will be strictly tested by our lab-test before out of factory. Furthermore, the sample of each batch will be sealed and kept in case of any quality issue.
What qualifications do factory have to guarantee products quality?
ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO14001:2004 Environment Management Syetem, and have OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certification, are all guarantees that we have to strictly guide the production for stable quality of each bath of product.Rutile Tio2

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  Shoe Covers suppliers
Napisane przez: astao64 - 2019-08-20, 02:26:18 - Forum: Podlogi - Brak odpowiedzi

blue anti-static shoe covers
We supply  blue anti-static shoe covers  china  supplier. We undertake a number of national projects, and our research team has repeatedly study abroad, has accumulated a wealth of technical experience    We have a group of professional personnel at your service.    Waterproof shoe covers , We are also supply.

Brand: Lideming
Export: yes
The article number 02255
Export: yes
Origin: Shenzhen, China.
Packing quantity: 1500 pairs/box.
Whether the source of the patent: no.
Color: dark blue
Shenzhen Lideming technology co., LTD. Is a factory specializing in the production of shoe covers. The factory is located in the 3 building of jinxing industrial park, dalang huchang road, baoan district, Shenzhen city.
Our advantages:
1. Complete set of shoe covers production equipment Sadcloth cutting machine, computer sewing machine, automatic computer embroidery machine).
2. Perfect shoe cover production process Sadcutting workshop, sewing workshop, embroidery workshop, packaging workshop, inspection room).
3. Large daily output Sadthere are production lines of 30 people, producing 8,000 pairs of shoes per day).
4. Delivery time Saddelivery within 1-5 days after confirmation of order).
5. Guarantee of quality Sadthe shoe cover produced by the factory is fully inspected to ensure that the shoe cover is 100% qualified).
6. Price concessions Sadthe cloth is directly provided by the manufacturer and the price is reasonable and affordable).
7. Perfect service guarantee. (the customer will give the damaged shoe cover factory free of charge in the unused shoe cover.
1、What should be paid attention to during the use of blue antistatic shoe covers?
a.  The Blue anti-static shoe covers are protective shoe that eliminates the static electricity of the human body and can prevent the electric shock of the below 250V.
b. The Blue anti-static shoe covers are mainly used to prevent the human body with static electricity may cause combustion, explosion and other places where there is electrostatic hazard (such as petroleum, chemical, coal, printing, rubber, medical, purification, electronics and other industries workplace).
c.  Wear resistance should not be exceeded for more than 200 hours.If the resistance is not within the specified range, it cannot be used as an anti-static shoe.The  blue anti-static shoe covers require the resistance to be between 100K ohms and 100M ohms.
d.  The Blue anti-static shoe covers and conductive shoes should not be worn with thick insulating socks and insulated insoles. Blue anti-static shoe covers  are forbidden to be used as insulating shoes.
e.  The use of blue antistatic shoe covers should be anti-static floor.The place where conductive shoes should be used should be conductive ground.
f.  Blue anti-static shoes  covers should be used with anti-static clothing, and pay attention to the product's cleaning, waterproof and moisture-proof.
Shoe Covers suppliers

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  Toilet Brush With Holder manufacturers
Napisane przez: astao64 - 2019-08-20, 02:25:05 - Forum: Podlogi - Brak odpowiedzi

1 toilet brush and 1 holder
Made of durable plastics
Frog shape design, cute and unique
This set is a wonderful house warming present, host or hostess, or mother’s day gift.
Smooth and delicate, gentle jade; graceful curves. Easy to clean
6662L:38CM W:17CM     242gfrog toilet brushPP69*43*33CM  36pcs/boxToilet Brush With Holder manufacturers

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